At Preschool

Learning through child-directed play
Little Rascals Preschool is founded on the importance of child-directed play. We look for opportunities to incorporate all of these types of play in our environment. The highly qualified early years practitioners at our Pre-School observe the children taking the lead in play and help direct their play to enhance the learning experience when opportunities arise
Typical Day 
9.00am Meet and Greet and Self Registration and Free Flow Play
This takes a different format each day with inclusion of topical news, the weather or child initiated conversations.
The children can choose where they would like to play. This can be either in either playroom or outside.
10.00am  Snack Bar Opens 
The children are encouraged to go to the toilet and wash their hands before coming to the snack table. We operate a rolling system where the children can choose when they come up to get their snack. They pick their name from the table and put it on the snack board to show that they have had a snack. The children can choose milk or water to drink. Snack time is a useful social experience where conversations take place between members of staff and children at the meal table.
Free Flow Play Continues
11.30am Tidy Up Time Outside
The children are encouraged to tidy up the area where they have been playing outside
11.45am Tidy Up Time Inside
The children are encouraged to tidy up the area where they have been playing inside
12.00am Preparations For Home or Lunch 
We say goodbye to some of our Little Rascals and then we sit down for our lunch
12.50am Group/keyperson time
The children spend some time with their keyperson, sharing their news, talking about the day and any ideas they might have.
1.00pm Free play
The children access the areas of their choice
1.30pm Tidy up time 
The children are encouraged to tidy up the toys they have been playing with
1.45pm Group physical time 
The Children take part in a a group activity to promote physical activity
2.00pm Preschool Closes