Baby Bears & Tiny Teds

The rooms offer wonderful sensorial experience full of textures, light and creativity where our babies are encouraged to be freely creative and are provided with a vast range of quality materials and resources to stimulate their young developing minds. 

The rooms which cater for out ‘Tiny Rascals’ are called the ‘Baby Bear’s room and the ‘Tiny Ted’s room. The staff ratio in the rooms is 1 adult to every 3 children. 

We have a separate sleep area in which babies can sleep in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, with constant monitoring and each child has their own bedding.

The nappy change area is designed to keep nappy changing times fun and hygienic whilst respecting the privacy of the child and a separate area for staff to prepare milk and baby’s solid feeds.

Our Tiny Rascals’ can join us from the age of 3 months. Babies move up into the Tiny Teds room when they are between 14-18 months old, Tiny Teds move to the Jungle Cubs room between the ages of 24-26 months however, these transitions very much depend on your child’s individual needs and stage of development. If change is managed as part of a natural progression it will be less unsettling.

Babies are cared for by trained staff in a home from home environment with lots of love and affection and plenty of cuddles throughout the day! All babies are kept in their own individual routines, and feed and sleep when required.

A range of toys and activities are available to develop large and fine motor skills,  hand and eye co-ordination, social and play, communication and language. Babies are provided with a wide range of activities which are both enjoyable and stimulating such as shaving foam and baby lotion play, water play, pasta, corn flour and water, painting, cardboard box play and treasure baskets to name a few. Babies also take part in music and movement, singing and musical instrument sessions which are held both indoors and outdoors. Babies are also taken on walks and have their own enclosed outdoor play area, they spend lots of time outside and learn so much through exploring their natural environment especially during the warmer months.

Tiny Teds room has ‘toddler’ sized tables and chairs . All of the furniture has been designed with rounded corners and a smooth finish to allow freedom and access to the toys while ‘keeping children safe’ and maintaining a ‘sense of belonging’.  Our rooms are designed to offer ‘continuous provision’ toys and equipment are displayed at the children’s level to allow them to make ‘healthy choices’ at an early age so that decision making does not become a difficulty in later years. The sturdy wooden furniture contains labelled see-through containers enabling them to chose and put away their toys and natural resources which encourage inquisitiveness and stimulation.

There are areas within the rooms for messy play and eating (easy to clean for when the children are learning to feed themselves!); free play, allowing space for ‘growing and developing’ and a cosy area to allow quiet times and encourage ’emotional wellbeing’.

Children enjoy snuggling into the cosy quiet corner to listen to stories and playing with small world and construction equipment on the floor area. Children take part in many activities throughout the day such as painting, sand, water, role play, construction, corn flour and water, shaving foam, soil, small world toys, tents and tunnels and much more!. They love music and movement, especially boogie beebies, song time and musical instrument sessions. Stories are told by staff each day with the use of puppets and props to make them more interesting and entertaining, to hold their attention whilst developing their concentration skills

The children love to be outside where they spend time developing their physical skills, climbing, running, jumping, riding tricycles, pushing buggies, throwing, rolling and catching balls, and enjoying imaginative, malleable and creative play. Children spend as much time as possible outside.. Staff involve the children in many activities outdoors such as small obstacle courses, big block play, helping children to crawl over and under objects and through tunnels, driving cars, bean bags and balls and so much more! . Children also go on nature walks where they learn to appreciate and recognise features of their natural environment.

A typical day is structured, but is flexible to an individual child’s needs.  Children rest throughout the day and will snuggle down and have a sleep as and when they require it.

Each child has a Key Person will ensure that all of their requirements are met. In addition to each child’s individual daily communication book, our staff will take time to chat with you on a daily basis.

We take pride in working closely with parents and carers by following each child’s routine, providing consistency through home and nursery