Breakfast & After School Club

Breakfast Club

We open at 7.45am for breakfast club for children attending Whytemead, Bramber and Downsbrook schools. After breakfast, the children have the opportunity to play games & socialise before they go to school.

The children who attend Downsbrook are seen into school and the children attending the Bramber and whytemead primary school are taken to school by staff. 

We are open Monday- Friday during term time 

Session times are:
7.45am – school

After School Club

We open at 3.00pm for after school club for children attending Whytemead, Bramber, Lyndhurst, Springfield, Chesswood and Downsbrook schools. Staff collect the children from school and safely bring them back to club.

Once the children are collected from school in the afternoon, they have a healthy snack when they arrive back at club. The children are encouraged to complete any homework. They have free time to play games table tennis, football, rounders to name but a few, computer time, creative activities, listening to music, karaoke machine and they are able to free flow between the inside and outside areas. 

We are open Monday- Friday during term time 

Session times: