Busy Bees Preschool

The pre-school section of nursery is situated at the rear of the building and consists of two rooms. Both rooms are bright and spacious with lots of stimulating resources for the children to play and learn. 

The routine is a little more structured getting the children ready for school; however we highlight the importance of choice and the children have access to a wide variety of activities and resources. The rooms are child centred in accordance with the principles from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). By advocating this approach to learning we are enhancing their preparation for the world of ‘big school’. The rooms promote all the areas of learning and with a combination of planned adult and child led activities, provide an active learning environment.

Children take part in focused activities lead by a member of staff to help children work towards their developmental targets. All children have their own individual targets within the areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Children freely access all experiences and resources within their environment and have direct free flow access to our large child friendly garden. There are a variety of displays throughout the room with an emphasis of displaying the children’s own work.   A touch screen computer and large amounts of ICT equipment and quiet areas are available for peaceful activities alongside areas stimulating their imaginations and creativity. To encourage early literacy skills children actively participate in letter and sound activities and share books and story sacks at home with family. The rooms have good quality wooden furniture with clear storage containers labelled with words and pictures, enabling the children to choose their own equipment and resources.

We believe children strive in an environment where they have first hand experiences of the world around them.  We take the children on regular outings to the woods, the beach, the park, the library for stories and rhymes. Each year we take the children to the Remembrance Parade, we hold a Harvest Festival and Nativity in the local church.

We pride ourselves on the strong links with local schools. In the term prior to the child starting school we will visit the school and nearer their start date to school will join in with the story time with their new teacher. The teachers are also invited into the nursery to spend time playing and getting to know their new pupils.
The preschool team is led by staff who have gained degrees in Early Years studies; this ensures high quality delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Parents are kept up to date with their child’s developmental progress through handovers with parents, regular progress reports, individual child profiles, and play and information sessions.