Our Aim

At Little Rascals we aim:

  • To provide high quality child care in a homely, safe, secure and stimulating environment
  • To ensure effective Safeguarding (Child Protection) procedures are in place to protect the children at all times
  • To provide an environment where every child feels happy, secure, relaxed, valued and can develop at their own individual pace
  • To encourage the children to develop their own personalities and curiosity through making choices and promoting self esteem
  • To provide opportunities and activities which will encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of each child, that are suitable for the child’s individual age and stage of development. With appropriate adult interaction where the children can succeed.
  • For the staff, children and parents to work in a three way partnership which involves mutual respect and consultation.
  • Work within a framework which, provides equality for all children, families and staff
  • Provide the highest standards, based on best practice , we are committed to continuous improvement through the development of our  staff
  • Recruit staff for their commitment, enthusiasm and caring attitude and for their love of children, whilst providing a service, which is second to none.