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Outings, Events & Visitors

We organise many outings for the children, these include trips to the park, woods, beach, library and other events involving the children in our local community. We have even been to tea with the Mayor!

We encourage parents to come into nursery to share their skills and invite visitors in such as Fire fighters, Paramedics, School Crossing Patrol, Nurse, Dentist, Mobile Zoo. The majority of our visitors and trips come from following the children’s interests for example recently many children were interested in dogs so off we went to Dogs Trust in Shoreham! Others showed an interest in trains- yes you’ve guessed it off we went on a train trip to Littlehampton! Some children were attending hospital for various reasons so we asked a Nurse to visit. These events enhance and support the children’s learning.

Throughout the year we organise regular trips to places further afield for example to Fishers Farm, Tilgate Park, Sea life Centre to name but a few!

We take part in regular fundraising events such as Children in Need, Comic Relief, Big Toddle. We hold open days, parties and fun-days. We celebrate numerous special events in a variety of different cultures, encouraging our children to learn and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world.

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