Partnership with Parents

At Little Rascals we recognise that parents are the first educators of their children and we will work in partnership with you for the benefit of your child.  We recognise that your child is the most important little person in your life so we work with you to ensure you are completely happy to leave your ’ little treasure’ with us.

We aim to develop positive effective partnerships with parents and carers in order to enhance the learning and development of the Little Rascals.

We value and respect the contribution of the parent to the child’s learning and believe we share with parents a joint interest in, the children’s welfare learning and development.

Children will feel more confident and positive about themselves and their learning when nursery staff, parents and other carers such as childminders and other settings the children may attend work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Effective communication means there is a two way flow of information, knowledge and expertise between parents and staff. Your child’s key person is available daily to give feedback about your child’s day and to share significant events with you. Every interaction with you is based on a caring, professional relationship and respectful acknowledgement of the feelings of you as parents and those of your children.

To help to build these partnerships we communicate in many ways, these include

  • Newsletters,
  • Emails and Letters
  • Website
  • Face book page
  • Parent evenings, open days  and play sessions
  • Suggestion box and comments book
  • Children’s feedback sheets,
  • Questionnaires
  • Parents notice board

Most importantly however the nursery management team and your child’s key worker are available at any time for discussions with parents or other carers.

It is important to us that you feel welcome and part of nursery life. Parents are encouraged to participate as much or as little as they please in the daily activities of the nursery.

If something should ’niggle’  you or your child we encourage you to share that with us, your feedback is important to us, this contributes to how the nursery grows and develops

Ofsted say ‘Parents’ involvement in the nursery is thriving and extremely well valued’