Session Time & Fees

Session Time

We are open all year with the exception of Bank Holidays and the Christmas week inclusive of New Years Day.

We offer sessional or full day care between the hours of 7.30am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Parents should not feel under pressure to get to the nursery for 7.30am. Arrival/departure times within the session times are flexible, however, we do ask that you do not drop your child prior to the starting time of your session and that you are prompt in collecting your child at the end of their session. 
Please ensure that if you wish to talk to a member of staff about anything to allow extra time for this as the staff have other evening commitments and many have children who they need to get home too.

Fee Structure

Effective from 1st January 2018


Under 3's

















Extra Hour


We require parents to use a regular pattern of sessions. We feel that it is in the child’s welfare to attend for a minimum of 2 sessions

Age Groups – fees will change the month after the child’s birthday. 

Although sessions start and finish at the times stated previously, you have the freedom to bring and collect your child at any time within his or her allocated session. With afternoon sessions please do not bring your child to nursery early unless previously arranged with a member of staff as this causes disruption to the children preparing to go home after a session.

All absences, including sickness, occasional days off and planned holiday periods will be charged at the full rate for normal attendance, as nursery overheads are still incurred during these periods. 

If you arrive anytime after 1pm or 6pm to collect your child, the charge is £5 per quarter hour.