The Outside Area

At Little Rascals, we understand the importance of outdoor play and follow the government guidelines on allowing children to learn and play in a safe, secure outdoor environment.
Studies have provided evidence that the way children respond in positive environments improves recall of information, creative problem solving, and creativity. Early experiences with the outdoors have been positively linked with the development of imagination and the sense of wonder. Curiosity is important as a motivator for lifelong learning.
Being outdoors is an essential ingredient to the emotional health of children, and at Little Rascals our philosophy embraces the view that any learning taking place inside, should also be promoted outdoors. When children play outdoors with less restriction, they are more likely to have positive feelings about each other and their surroundings
Children love outdoor play and the nursery’s garden offers a delightful range of high quality equipment and activities to cater for all the children’s needs.
Our garden also offers
  • Shade sails in parts of the garden which give a 95% UVB protection from the sun which enables the children to play safety.
  • A soft surface area where the children can play on the bikes, trikes and scooters
  • A large sandpit to dig and play in.
  • A music area
  • A story hut surrounded by bamboo and logs
  • Wooden climbing and play equipment.
  • A child friendly planting area where the children grow their own vegetables and flowers.
  • Tyres to balance and climb on.
  • A creative area where children enjoy playing with water and painting.
  • An area where children can construct with blocks, guttering and make dens.
The children’s fun and education continues with lots more wonderful activities including searching for mini beasts with magnifying glasses, mark making and art work with clip boards and paper, running and dancing with ribbon and windmills to name a few!

The children are able to freely access the garden throughout the day whatever the weather, so we ask parents and guardians to leave a pair of boots and a raincoat and hood clearly labelled at the nursery. (We especially have fun in the muddles!)